Three Benefits a Truck Has Over A Compact Car

Trucks can get a bad rap sometimes. I’ve talked to some who think all people who drive trucks are aggressive behind the wheel and intimidating and unsafe for us compact/sports car drivers. Then I’ve heard others complain they are gas guzzlers and nothing more. And to be clear, this has nothing to do with big rigs. These are trucks you see all over the road, from Dodge Rams to Chevy Silverados to Ford F-150′s and so on.

But when I bring up which vehicle you’d rather have at a tailgate, a truck or a two-seater hatchback Geo Prism, they usually step back and reconsider their words, or at least understand trucks are more than just a lumbering meance in their eyes.

The reality is, owning a truck is on par with owning a compact car. Tailgating a sporting event, hauling, towing and more… there are numerous advantages with getting behind the wheel of a truck.

So let’s break down some of the best experiences of being a truck owner.

Tailgating Specialty: It’s no coincidence that a truck’s more versatile than a four-seater Honda Accord with a tiny trunk. And while there are smaller Weber grills out there to make up for the tiny storage spaces of a compact car, if you’re grilling for a sizable group of people, you need chairs, table sets, dinnerware, cooler(s) and most importantly, a big grill to handle everything and then some.

Towing Might: If the job requires sufficient drag and pull, a 2013 Ford Taurus with a towing capacity of 1,000 pounds simply is no match for a 2013 Silverado capable of producing nearly 10 times that amount, to be exact: 10, 700 pounds. That’s a primary reason drivers choose a truck because they either need it out of necessity for the workplace or need it for the possibility of towing whatever needs towing down the road.

Convenience: How many times have you or a friend planned a move? And if it’s not a cross-country relocation, and the amount of stuff you need moved isn’t all that much, the pains in hiring out a moving van or company to do the job becomes apparent. That’s where a truck becomes handy, from the most demanding job to the smallest one.

Or if you truly wanted to go off-roading in the countryside or in the mountains while on a camping trip. The last thing you’d think of doing would be to take a sedan through rocky, uneven terrain. Even though it might stand up to the challenge here and there, the longevity of your shocks and ability to maneuver up steep hills at the same time will wear thin much quicker than a truck.

And really, you could probably counter this piece by detailing the benefits of the sedan versus a truck or some other specialty model. Maybe that’s a topic for a later date. But the fact is I know the mythos that trucks have simply the worst fuel economy is simply that: a myth. As technology deepens and auto engineers use their new ideas to increase fuel standards for trucks, more and more drivers should be drawn towards trucks soon after.

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